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Our Jr. High Ministry is in full swing! Be sure to take a look at our calender! Come on down to the Youth Room on our Monday events and see what we got going on here at our parish!

Jr. High Ministry 

For the most part, it seems like the world pays little attention to gap of time following elementary and right before high school. The reality is this one of the most formative transition we as people can ever endure. This time of life can make or break how we see the world for the rest of our lives. The goal of ministering to 6th-8th graders is to simply guide them to a positive perspective on lif. The media, music, and world in general are sending a message to this generation that forces them to measure themselves to a scale that promotes inadequacy and insufficiency. Society seems to be selling a dream that eventually disconnects us from each other, creating a “me” based culture. At such an influential age, we are all vulnerable of being misled into false mentality and approach to life. An approach that may convince us to believe we are not good enough to love or be loved.


Our mission is simply reconnecting the dignity back into Gods creation all across the board. Knowing at first that we are a product of love provokes us to have an understanding of our worth and limits us from comparing ourselves to the rest of the world. We are simply bringing people closer to Christ while speaking the language someone that age can understand. 

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Saint Frances of Rome

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Saturday: 5PM (English); 7PM (Spanish)
Sunday: 9AM, 11AM, 5PM (English) 7AM, 1PM (Spanish)
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