St. Frances of Rome School


734 North Pasadena Ave

Azusa Ca, 91702 


Office: M-F 7:30 - 4:00

Phone: (626) 334-2018

Fax: (626) 815-2760




The mission of St. Frances of Rome School is to build a community in which God is the center of our lives.  Parents and teachers work as partners to create a secure, nurturing and loving environment that allows students to explore and develop their God given talents and excel in all aspects of life.  We are committed towards the formation of culturally aware persons of faith who respect the dignity of all life.  Our hope is that our students will grow to become followers of the Gospel message of Jesus who are compassionate and contributing global citizens

Parish Contact

Saint Frances of Rome

501 East Foothill Blvd

Azusa California 91702


(626) 969-1829 TEL

(626) 815-2755 FAX 

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Saturday: 5PM (English); 7PM (Spanish)
Sunday: 9AM, 11AM, 5PM (English) 7AM, 1PM (Spanish)
Weekday: 8AM (English) 5:15PM (Spanish)