The sacrament of baptism is the first of the seven sacraments.  Baptism is what makes
us a member of the Body of Christ, it is what initiates us as Christians.  Being baptized
in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit confers grace upon the
baptized.  As Christians we spend our life unfolding this baptismal grace in how we live
and follow God in our life.  We are baptized in One God, yet three persons.  Baptism is
the beginning of our Christian vocation that will call us to conform our life to Christ and
live the sacramental life of the Church founded by Jesus himself.
 Baptismal Preparation for Children and Infants
Children who are four years of age and younger may be baptized at various times
throughout the year, except during the season of Lent.  This type of baptism is referred
to as "Infant Baptism."  The child not having reached the age of reason, is presented by
the Catholic parent(s) for baptism and takes on the responsibility of raising the child in
the Catholic faith.  The parent publicly renounces sin and professes their faith, as they
will share their faith and love of God with their child.  The Catholic parent(s) and
godparents will attend a preparation class for baptism.  If they have recently completed
a class in our parish or theirs, they can alternately submit their certificate of completion
for the preparation class.  In this class the Rite of Baptism, sacramentality and scripture
are reviewed.  If you would like your child baptized, please download our packet below
and then call our office at 626-969-1829.
Requirements of Parents for Infant Baptism
The Catholic parent(s) need to be registered in their parish where they are actively
practicing their faith and be in or working toward full sacramental communion.  They
must also have recently completed a baptismal preparation class.  Sometimes, a
Catholic will not have married in the sacrament of matrimony.  If this is the case, we can
assist you in making your marriage sacramental (con validation) and returning to full
sacramental communion.  There must be a founded hope that the child will be raised in
the faith, so practicing one's faith is essential.  A non-Catholic parent is not obligated to
participate in the preparation or Rite of Baptism for their child but is certain welcome to
do so.  For infant baptism, please download our packet below, and contact our office
two months prior to your desired date, 626-969-1829.
Requirements of Godparents for Infant Baptism
The godparents, also known as the sponsors, need to be registered in their parish
where they are actively practicing their faith, be in full sacramental communion, be
confirmed, be at least 16 years of age, and have recently completed a baptismal
preparation class.  There may be one male godparent and one female godparent.  They
need not be related or married but can be.  If you desire someone to be a godparent
and they cannot be present, a proxy may stand-in for them.
Child Baptism Packet Download (MS Word 97/2000)
Please download and read this packet before calling for an appointment.  Hard copies
may be obtained in the parish office. 
Baptismal Preparation for Adults and Children who are of catechetical/school age
Once a person reaches the age of reason, it is very important they embrace their faith,
knowledge, and love of God as they prepare for their baptism.  They will present
themselves and journey with others toward the Easter Vigil where these baptisms take
place in the most important and biggest celebration of the year.  The Easter Vigil is the
celebration of the resurrection of Christ and is especially marked with the waters of
baptism.  The preparation programs for this type of baptism are the Rite of Christian
Initiation for Adults and adapted for children.  Click here for contact information and to
learn more about these programs.
The Rite of Christian Initiation welcomes Adults and Children ages 5 (in school) and
older inquiring about the Catholic faith.  In fact, the first segment of this program is for
inquiry purposes only, so one need to make a commitment to become Catholic.  Come
and ask questions, share with others that are learning about the faith.  Discern if God is
calling you into to communion in His Church.
Infants and children ages four and younger are to be initiated through infant baptism
and not the Rite of Christian Initiation.