Welcome to the St. Frances of Rome music ministry page. We hope that you will find worship and prayer here at St. Frances both engaging and inviting. Below you can find the various musicians that are a part of the music ministry program here at St. Frances.  Feel free to call me in the front office with any questions, comments or concerns. 


Jacob Israel

Music Director 


Jacob Israel

Director of Music




Rafael Cabezas Jr

Youth Choir Director




Filiberto Carandia 

Ensemble Director Saturday 7pm (Spanish Mass)





Nick Medina 

Filipino Choir Director

Sunday 11pm on (first Sunday of the month)  





Blanca Alvarez 

Choir Director Sunday 7am 





Carlos Gomez 

Ensemble Director Sunday 1pm 





Lisa and John Rotunni

Ensemble Directos Sunday 9am Mass






Ensemble Director Sunday 7am Mass





Scarlet Gross 

Cantor Saturday 5pm Mass





Amelia Acosta 

Cantor Sunday 11am and 5pm 





Betina Norried 

Cantor Subsitute 




Adam Hollick 

Cantor Subsitute





Lawrence Chadwick Kin 

Bassist 11am and 5pm