Steps to Celebrating Marriage at St. Frances of Rome


Engaged couples desiring to be married in the Catholic Church are strongly encouraged to contact a parish priest or deacon at least 12 to 6 months prior to the anticipated wedding date.  To ensure that you can coordinate the church date and time with your reception venue 18 months prior to the wedding.  It is recommended that couples make contact with the parish at the very beginning of their engagement. 


Every couple is asked to participate in an assessment process with the priest or deacon.  This process is designed to assist both the couple and the priest or deacon in assessing the engaged couple’s readiness for marriage. The process begins with an initial interview with the priest or deacon. As part of the process, each engaged person is to complete a questionnaire or inventory tool.

The inventory tool St. Frances of Rome uses is FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study). A decision to proceed with, or delay, the wedding is made by the facilitator and the couple following the assessment process. The wedding date will be finalized only at this time.


The bridegroom and bride are to share with the priest or deacon any of the following circumstances: 

  • If one or both are under the age of twenty (20);
  • If there is a pregnancy involved;
  • If they are presently cohabiting (living together);
  • If one of the engaged is not Catholic;
  • If one or both have been married before in any type of ceremony or common law union;
  • If one or both have been married in the Catholic Church previously
  • If they are now civilly married and wish to have their marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church.

Some circumstances require special steps to assist the couple in preparing for marriage in the Church. If any of these special circumstances exist, it does not necessarily mean that one cannot be married in the Church.  However, it does mean that an honest discussion of these circumstances should take place between the couple and the marriage preparation facilitator.


Since the parish church is the spiritual home of the family of God and the heart of sacramental life and ministry, when two Catholics marry, there is the expectation that they will celebrate their wedding ceremony in the parish church of either the bride or the groom.


The pastoral minister who is preparing the engaged persons for marriage will assist them in obtaining the following documents:

  • Baptismal Certificate(s): The baptismal certificate of the Catholic(s) should be issued within the last six months and include any notations (regarding other sacraments received).   A certificate of baptism is also required of a non-Catholic Christian.
  • Confirmation Certificate(s): If it can be celebrated without serious inconveniences, Catholics who have not yet received the sacrament of confirmation are to receive it before being admitted to marriage.
  • A Letter of Freedom is to be completed by two witnesses on behalf of each engaged person (i.e. two forms for each of the engaged). Forms are available at the parish.
  • A Pre-Nuptial Inquiry is to be completed by each of the engaged. This inquiry includes questions regarding one’s freedom to marry and one’s views on Christian marriage.
  • Permission for a Mixed Marriage (for a Catholic to marry a person baptized in a non-Catholic Christian denomination).
  • Petition for Dispensation for Disparity of Worship (for a Catholic to marry a non-baptized person).
  • State of California Marriage License: Unless the license is present, no wedding can occur.

All documents are to be kept on file at the parish where the wedding takes place.


Every engaged couple wishing to be married at St. Frances of Rome parish – whether this is a first-time marriage, a con-validation, or a re-marriage – must attend a formal diocesan-approved marriage preparation program. This is to be completed during the first four months of their preparation. Since the last few weeks prior to their wedding are filled with so many practical details, it is important that the engaged couple spend quality time early on to prepare themselves for the Sacrament of Matrimony.



There are different formal marriage preparation programs in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The priest or deacon will meet with the engaged couple to determine which program best meets the couple’s needs:

(1) Engaged Encounter Weekend. This is a weekend retreat experience presented by two married Catholic couples and a priest. It is designed to help engaged couples self-reflect, communicate, understand their sexuality, etc. The main thrust of the weekend is personal reflection and dialogue.  


In Natural Family Planning (NFP), the couple understands, accepts and uses their God-given phases of fertility and infertility for the purpose of achieving or avoiding pregnancy. In this way, the unitive and procreative, the love-giving and life-giving meanings of sexual intercourse are maintained together in a responsible way. The NFP component for marriage preparation is to be a minimum of one full hour of information and discussion provided by an individual or couple with specific training and expertise in NFP. A certificate of attendance will be given to the couple and must be submitted to the pastor or his delegate.


If a priest or deacon other than the one assigned to the parish where the wedding is held is to witness the exchange of vows, he must receive specific delegation from a priest of that parish in order to officiate at the ceremony. To make these arrangements, the engaged couple must inform the parish immediately of their desire to have a visiting priest or deacon officiate the ceremony. 

If the priest or deacon is from out of town, or is not able to handle the couple’s preparation, it remains the responsibility of the local parish priest, deacon or pastoral minister.

A Letter of Suitability must be secured and submitted by the visiting priest or deacon to the Vicar of Clergy’s Office of the Archdiocese 30 days prior to the date of the wedding. If the letter has not been submitted a parish priest or deacon will celebrate the wedding in question. 


Catholic engaged persons are expected to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist as part of their preparation process. The celebration of the sacraments will prepare the couple for a more meaningful experience of the wedding liturgy and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ who is the source of fruitful married life.


It is the responsibility of the engaged couple to take seriously the planning of the wedding liturgy. To assist the couple, suggested readings, music guidelines and a wedding planning sheet are available from the parish.


No one is ever denied a Sacrament due to financial concerns. The Sacraments are always free. If any couple has financial difficulties and cannot make the usual offering, they should simply speak to one of the parish priests. The Sacrament will be offered to the couple in a simple ceremony outside of Mass at no cost.

However, we normally expect that those who are married at St. Andrew Church are members of our parish who support the parish regularly. On the occasion of a wedding, we trust that faithful members of the parish will want to make an offering as an expression of gratitude for what the parish is doing for them, and to help the parish continue its mission of serving others.

We suggest an offering based on the traditional custom of the tithe, that is, ten percent – ten percent of the other expenses for the wedding, offered to God through the Church. If a couple spends eight or ten thousand dollars on clothing, a hall, food, etc., an appropriate offering to the Church would be eight hundred to a thousand dollars. A couple who has more money to spend on other things might be more generous to the Church. Those who spend less money for other things are not expected to give as much to the Church.

For most weddings, there are certain minimum donations expected in order to cover necessary expenses (including janitorial services, utilities, etc.). This includes the non-refundable deposit of $500.00. In addition, we require the use of a wedding coordinator to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal and ceremony. Altar servers are also customary. Music is provided by our parish Music Director. Should you wish to use an outside musician, this is allowed but the bench fee to the Music Director must still be paid as part of our contractual obligation to him.

The receptionist will collect fees, which must be complete at least 1 month prior to the wedding.



a) Church Donation $1000.00 ($500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of

scheduling the wedding; other $500 is due 2 months before the wedding.)

a) Church Donation $2500 ($1250 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling

the wedding; other $1250 is due 2 months before the wedding.) ADDITIONAL STIPENDS FOR ALL

  1. b)  Priest
  2. c)  Wedding Coordinator
  3. d)  Music Director/organist
  4. e)  Cantor
  5. f)  Altar servers

(at the discretion of the couple)

$ 225.00 $ 200.00 $ 175.00

$ 30.00 ($10 each for 3 servers) 6




  1. a)  Marriage licenses are obtained from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. This is the office closest to us:

East Los Angeles: 4716 East Cesar Chavez Ave.
Office Hours (M-F): 8:30am – 4:30pm; Phone: (323) 260-2991

Norwalk: 12400 Imperial Highway, Room 1002
Office Hours (M-F): 8:00am – 5:00pm; Phone: (562) 462-2137

Marriage license applications should be submitted before 3:00 p.m.

  1. b)  The license is valid anywhere in California, regardless of the county in which it is issued. The license is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. NO residence or citizenship requirements exist.
  2. c)  Both parties must appear personally and provide adequate identification. Proxies are NOT allowed. A license to marry is issued immediately if all requirements are met.
  3. d)  A fee is payable at the time the license is issued. For current fee, call the Registrar/Recorder.
  4. e)  Only obtain a license at the Office of the Registrar-Recorder. Do not get married there.




  1. a)  Schedules and directs the rehearsal.
  2. b)  Consults with the couple to plan the ceremony.
  3. c)  Assists at the wedding ceremony.
  4. d)  Assists with photographers.
  5. e)  Cleans up after the wedding.
  6. f)  Assists with paperwork after wedding (obtaining of signatures).

Contact the Pastoral Center for Wedding Coordinator contact information  




Flowers and decorations add to the beauty and festivity of the marriage celebration and are very appropriate. They are the responsibility of the couple and are to be used in a sensible and restrained manner. At least two arrangements of flowers on the altar are to remain for the Sunday Masses which follow.

Ordinarily, weddings are not celebrated during Lent. However, in the case that an exception is made, only two simple bouquets of flowers are permitted and are to be removed immediately allowing the ceremony.

No additional flowers or other decorations are permitted during Lent. You should also be aware that the seasonal penitential decorations in the sanctuary during Lent cannot be removed during the wedding.

There is little time between ceremonies at the church so you may find it helpful to keep decorations simple. You will have 30 minutes prior to the wedding for setup and 30 minutes following for cleanup. Deliveries must be made the day of the wedding. Florists should check with the wedding coordinator for a suitable time for delivery.


  1. No taping, nailing, etc. of any floral decorations on the pews. The florist has pew clips (clamps) or rubber bands that can be used instead.
  2. No throwing of rice, confetti, bird seed, petals, etc. inside or outside the church.
  3. No rearranging of sanctuary furnishings or flowers.
  4. No trees, candles in the aisles, arches, etc. inside or outside the church.
  5. No swags tied between the pews. The pews must be open to allow people to freely move in and out.
  6. No aisle runners since they slip and fall out of shape.
  7. No glitter – either in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres or flower arrangements
  8. No drones, either inside or outside of the church at any time.


Please emphasize to all parties the importance of being ON TIME for appointments, rehearsal, and the wedding itself. Should agreed upon times not be kept, you may find your appointments and your wedding somewhat shortened due to other commitments. Should the bride or groom be late for the wedding ceremony, it is left to the discretion of the priest to omit the Mass and have only a wedding Ceremony outside of Mass. In addition, hymns, readings, etc. will be cut depending on the lateness of the start. In order to avoid any unpleasant experiences, PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.



Bride Room

There is no bride’s room available at St. Frances of Rome. All dressing, make-up, etc. should be completed prior to arrival at the church. Both sets of restrooms are located outside the church.


The Wedding will take place in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Therefore, silence and reverent decorum are always to be observed in the church by all participants. Christian modesty is to be observed regarding attire. A wedding is an occasion of celebration and solemnity and our attire should reflect that.


Alcoholic Beverages

The use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages in the church or on the church grounds is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Evidence of intoxication on the part of the wedding party either at their rehearsal or on the occasion of the wedding itself, will result in the cancellation of rehearsal and/or the wedding. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to explain the sacred significance of the Sacrament of Matrimony to their wedding party. We agree that this is a day of rejoicing and jubilation but believe alcoholic beverages should be reserved for the wedding reception.

In addition, smoking or chewing gum either at the rehearsal or wedding is always inappropriate in church and not allowed.




A wedding is not merely a social occasion. It is primarily a sacred celebration. Because of this, we have a responsibility to safeguard the sacred character of a wedding celebration. One (1) photographer and one (1) videographer are permitted. The following directives are to be observed by all photographers participating at weddings at St. Andrew Church:

  1. a)  The photographer is not to use flash during the ceremony. Limited flash photography is permitted only at the entrance procession and recessional. Consult with the photographer for other options.
  2. b)  No floodlights are permitted at any time by photographers or videographers.
  3. c)  The photographer and/or videographer may operate in the places indicated by the Wedding Coordinator so that they may not be seen (e.g., choir loft, doorways, side entrances, or pews). Cameras are never permitted to be set up in the sanctuary itself.
  4. d)  Outside of the sanctuary, the photographer/videographer may set up at the sides of the church but always aware not to block the view of the people or to block any aisles.
  5. e)  The photographer and/or videographer are to be as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as possible and should dress appropriately for church.

No posed photography of any kind is permitted in the church either before or after the ceremony. However, group photographs are allowed outdoors in the Piazza (patio) area next to the church.

Normally, the priest who celebrates the wedding will join the newly married couple outside for one posed photograph immediately following the ceremony.

Please clearly inform your photographer and/or videographer of these policies. If they have any questions, please refer them to the priest. Clear planning prior to the wedding will prevent any misunderstandings or hard feelings on the day of the ceremony.




  1. a)  The presiding celebrant will be a priest of the parish or, with permission, another priest whom you request. At times, due to schedule conflicts, a priest other than the one who prepares you for marriage may be assigned to be the celebrant.
  2. b)  The lector (reader) should be someone accustomed to taking this role in church. He or she should practice the Scriptures at the rehearsal. Two readers may be used for the Scripture readings and an additional one for the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful).
  3. c)  The ushers’ principal task is to welcome guests and to seat people together in the front of the church. They should also be familiar with the church building so that they can give assistance to any visitors. As regards seating, we discourage the practice of having ‘friends of the bride’ on one side and ‘friends of the groom’ on the other. Ushers should simply be in charge to fill the church from the front, leaving only necessary pews for the family in front.
  4. d)  The acolytes (servers) may be young persons or adults. The parish will provide three altar servers unless, of course, you prefer to choose your own. Please discuss this with the priest. If the servers are not thoroughly familiar with assisting at the wedding liturgy, they should be present at the rehearsal.
  5. e)  The music at your wedding should enhance the Christian dimension of Marriage. Music for the wedding must follow the appropriate Church guidelines. Solos and instrumental music should be used only when appropriate and should never greatly prolong the liturgy. (See WEDDING MUSIC GUIDELINES below.) Please discuss the music you desire with our Music Director at least four weeks prior to the wedding. The parish Music Director is the only one permitted by the parish to coordinate wedding music.

** Contact the rectory if you need to speak with the Music Director. **


St. Andrew Church is very popular for weddings. Therefore, should you decide to cancel or postpone your wedding please notify the priest immediately, in addition to notifying the parish office, coordinator, organist, etc. of your decision. The $500.00 ($1250 for non-parishioners) deposit is not refundable.


Please keep in mind that unlike most parishes, HOLY FAMILY’S MARRIAGE FEES ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE. NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. The fees may appear to be higher than some other parishes, but in reality, the rates are comparable. Also remember, contact the parish AT LEAST six (6) months in advance of your anticipated wedding date.




Congratulations! Your commitment to marry is a sign of God’s love and faithfulness. The Catholic community shares your joy as you prepare for the holy Sacrament of Marriage and a new life together. By choosing to celebrate the Catholic Rite of Marriage you acknowledge the importance of God in your life. We encourage you to prepare well. This little booklet is also a resource to help make your wedding day as meaningful as possible. May God’s richest blessings be yours in everlasting love.

Marriage Preparation: The Official Process

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles recommends a six-month preparation period prior to the wedding day. This allows time for evaluation of a couple’s readiness for sacramental married life. Through discernment with the priest, personal assessment testing and education, you will gain insights about each other and what you’ll need for a successful marriage. Participation in Engaged Encounter Seminar Weekend is also an element of the process.

Reserving Your Wedding Date & Rehearsal Time

Once your eligibility to marry in the Catholic Church is verified, you may reserve your wedding date and your rehearsal time. A deposit of 1⁄2 of the total Church donation, of which $400 or $500 is non-refundable, will be required.

Wedding Times:

  • Weddings are: Fridays at 3:00pm
    Saturdays at 10:0 AM, 12:30 PM
  • Rehearsals are by appointment and are arranged by the Wedding Coordinator.

Your rehearsal will be allotted 1 hour only, so please ensure that you and your attendants arrive at least 15 minutes early for a prompt start!


Wedding Coordinator

Our wedding coordinator is Ms. Lynda Balousek, email:
She will conduct the rehearsal and be present to assist on the wedding day. Soon after you have reserved your date with the parish office, please call her to arrange your rehearsal date as well as a date to meet to discuss your plans.
Priests do not usually attend the rehearsals. Neither do musicians.

Appropriate Attire and Decorum for Church

Remember that the Church is a sacred place and your attire should reflect reverence for this holy space. Those participating in the Mass as readers and sponsors should be particularly mindful of this. Please note that what is appropriate for a cocktail party or for “clubbing” may not be appropriate in Church. Please pick your dresses accordingly and encourage your family and friends to do likewise.


Should you have limousine service on the day of your wedding please instruct your drivers to turn off any loud music when arriving and till after leaving the church ceremony.


Because Marriage is binding under both civil and ecclesiastical laws, you will need to provide copies of various documents to begin the process. Your priest will advise you during consultations; some of the usual documents you will need to obtain include:

  •   Marriage Information Day Certificate
  •   Baptism Certificate
  •   First Communion Catholics only
  •   Confirmation Catholics only
  •   Freedom to Marry/Witness Form
  •   Dispensation if applicable
  •   FOCCUS Questionnaire and Review
  •   Engaged Encounter certificate
  •   Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire
  •   NFP (Natural Family Planning) Class certificate
  •  Civil Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license, the LA County Office of the Registrar-Recorder requires that both bride & groom appear in person. Note: a license is only valid for 90 days. There are several offices for Registrar-Recorder, including:

  • Beverly Hills, 9355 Burton Way, First Floor, (310) 288-1261
    · East Los Angeles, 4716 East Cesar Chavez Ave., (323) 260-2991
    · Los Angeles/Florence-Firestone, 7807 S. Compton Ave., (323) 586-6192 · Los Angeles/LAX Courthouse, 11701 S. La Cienega Blvd., (310) 727-6142 · Norwalk, 12400 Imperial Highway, Room 1002, (562) 462-2137 or

(800) 201-8999

Information about the Registrar-Recorder may be accessed on the Internet at
Please bring both copies of your marriage license and the manila envelope

to the Parish Office within one week of the wedding!


Mandatory Couples Meeting

Holy Family requires all couples interested in getting married in our church to attend one of the information meetings held every second Sunday of the month from 1:30 – 5:00 pm in one of the meeting rooms of Holy Family Grade School. All couples will receive a packet with all the required paperwork, meet the coordinator, one of our parish priests, the parish music director, a physician to discuss family planning, and at the end of the meeting, each couple will take the FOCCUS assessment. We recommend you attend this introductory meeting soon after scheduling your wedding date if you haven’t already attended. After the information meeting, don’t forget to make an appointment with one of Holy Family priests of your choice to start the preparation process. Please call the parish office at (818) 247-2222 ext. 223, email: to make your appointment.

As part of the preparation for your marriage, we include a FOCCUS assessment. FOCCUS stands for “Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study.” This is not a test. This assessment is simply a tool, but it can be helpful to couples to enrich their relationship before making their vows to each other in the beautiful sacrament of marriage. All FOCCUS assessments are held at the mandatory couple meeting. A review of the FOCCUS will be scheduled with your priest.

Liturgy Preparation

Catholic liturgical rites, including the marriage ceremony, are joyous and festive occasions. The assembled faithful are called to be active participants in attentive listening and with voices raised in prayer and song. This is how we worship God with thanks and praise. At your wedding, we will be witnesses to the Sacrament of Marriage that you will administer to one another.

Many options are available to you in planning your ceremony. In the booklet Together for Life you will find and choose various prayers and scripture readings. Family members and friends may also participate. Please read through the booklet to help you plan the ceremony and fill out the form provided on the perforated page in the back.


Altar Servers

Altar Servers are scheduled for all Weddings held at Holy Family Church. However, if the couple who are getting married at Holy Family Church would like to use their own servers, they must notify the Wedding Coordinator as soon as possible so that the Parish does not assign servers. A stipend is given to altar servers, see page 8.


Punctuality is very important. It is expected that all members of the wedding party be on time. Since there are no dressing rooms at the church, the wedding party must dress at home. Limousines have a tendency to be late, so the wedding party should plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. If there is more than a 10-minute delay in starting the procession the marriage will be celebrated without a Mass.


The rehearsal is a very important part of a beautiful wedding. The wedding party is asked to be on time and to show reverence, respect and quiet in the church. The dress of the participants should reflect the importance of what they are doing and the sacred space of the church. No food, gum, or beverages are permitted. The wedding coordinator, with full authorization of the parish priest, will take the wedding party through the rehearsal only once, and the instructions of the wedding coordinator must be followed. In order to ensure the proper adherence to guidelines, no outside wedding coordinator is permitted. Your rehearsal will be allotted one hour only, so please ensure that you and your attendants arrive at least 15 minutes early for a prompt start!

Please bring the completed form from Together for Life to the Parish office when you drop off your marriage license!

Music Preparation

There is a connection between the wedding liturgy and the liturgy celebrated by the community on Sundays. Music is a requirement of the liturgy calling the assembly to prayer, assisting the assembly in prayerful worship and setting a sacred tone to the service. No Secular Music is allowed during this sacred ceremony. Holy Family’s parish musician is in charge of all music at weddings. Please call Adan Fernandez at (818) 247-2222 ext.213 as soon as you receive confirmation of your wedding date from the parish office. Adan will arrange a meeting to discuss and decide on the music for your wedding and will be the organist/singer for your wedding. Additional singers can be hired in consultation with him. Should you choose to have an outside organist or musicians (eg: Mariachi), Adan will still need to be present to ensure the loft, sound system, and organ are kept in good order.

The basic music fee is listed on page 6 and includes an initial one hour meeting to discuss, hear and choose musical selections for service, should a guest soloist be used an extra rehearsal will be required with Adan, a pick-up rehearsal before the wedding (1/2 hour maximum should it be needed) and instrumental music when the guests begin to arrive.

Church Environment – Flowers

In decorating the church, our liturgy team follows the church’s seasonal guidelines for the liturgical year, thus allowing the community to enter into a spirit of sacred time. Flowers, lighting, urns, banners and other materials are used at various times to enhance our celebrations. For this reason, wedding parties may not change or move around the décor within the church. During ordinary time of the liturgical year, it is suggested that you leave the two main altar arrangements from your wedding as a gift to God's church for the beauty of worship for others and to honor your sacramental marriage.

The use of compact discs or Karaoke-style music is not permitted in the liturgy, as this is an artificial kind of music not associated with worship or responsive to the sacred moments within a celebration.

No Metal Holders, Candles or Adhesive Tape on our Pews

If you do use pew bows, plastic holders are available from your florist and must be used. No swaging or tying off of pews will be allowed. There are 25 pews on each side of the aisle. For the use of flower stands, arches, hurricane lamps, please check with the wedding coordinator.

Aisle Runners are Not Allowed

No Rice, Birdseed, Flower Petals (Real or Silk)

Nor any other items may be thrown on the ground inside or outside of the church. Please make sure that any boxes, water bottles, etc. you bring with you and your wedding party are taken with you or placed in the garbage.

Lighting of Unity Candle

If you wish to include this in your wedding ceremony, you may use the candles provided by the church or bring your own.

Gift Basket for the Poor

This is brought up with the bread and wine during the Mass and is a wonderful gesture of Christian service that you may consider. You may wish to encourage members of your bridal party to participate in this outreach by asking them to donate small gifts of food to be included in this offering.

Reverent Atmosphere

Please encourage all family and friends involved in your wedding to maintain an attitude of reverence while in the church building and during the wedding liturgy. Please instruct your limousine driver to turn off any music when parked in front of the church.


No Drugs or Alcohol

Your wedding is a joyful yet sacred affair. Sobriety is a must for all taking part and a requirement for the Rite of Marriage to take place. We encourage you to set the tone of respect and reverence at both the rehearsal and the wedding day. Please advise your wedding part to celebrate at the reception and not on church premises.

Photography and Video Taping

  • All photographers and video technicians must check with the wedding coordinator at least 15 minutes before the start of the wedding.
    · Photographers are not allowed in the sanctuary area and no flood or spotlights may be used.
  • Each wedding is allowed one and a half hours. The wedding usually takes one hour. If the wedding starts on time, you will have about half an hour for picture taking in the church. Please continue your attitude of reverence & quiet during this time and leave promptly when asked to do so by the wedding coordinator or priest. There are lovely areas around the church that are available for picture taking after the wedding.



Included in the total fees:
Church Fee – Registered Parishioners (1year) Church Fee – Non-registered Parishioners Altar Servers Fee
Wedding Coordinator Fee
Parish Musician Fee

Total Fees for Parishioners Total Fees for Non-parishioners

Optional additional donations

$1280.00 $1680.00

$ 800.00 $1200.00 $ 30.00 $ 150.00 $ 300.00

$ 150.00


Priest’s gift suggested minimum (not included in total)

Our Deposit Policy


Deposit applied to Church fee
Registered Parishioner $ 640.00 ($400 of this amount is non-refundable) Non-Registered Parishioner $840.00 ($500 of this amount is non-refundable)

Please bring the balance of the total church fees
to the parish office TWO MONTH IN ADVANCE before wedding.

If You Have Any Further Questions

As Questions arise in preparation for this great day, remember that our staff is here to help in any way we can. Please feel free to call your coordinator with any of your concerns.


Marriage Info Day
Completed FOCCUS
Baptism Certificate
First Communion
Catholics only Confirmation Catholics only
Letter of Freedom to Marry/Witness Form Dispensation if needed

Engaged Encounter certificate Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire NFP Class certificate Marriage License

Bride Groom